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*Toxin exited the limo..she had rented it for her and Lance, but he decided to skip the prom and she didnt want it to go to waste.*
*Toxin almost didn't go, but she decided she would, since the dress was expensive*
*Blink was being a poor sport about Nocturne going with Jamie, so she went to the prom alone*
Wanda: *paced in the Brotherhood house, waiting for Toad* Ugh..FROG! You're gonna make us late!
*Pietro had his hand in Kim's*
Pietro: *smiles* you look wonderful.
Toad: Coming Sweetums!! *hopped downstairs... he actually took a SHOWER*
Kim: *smiles* So do you.
Pietro: *smiles and leads her through the doors*
Wanda: *looks shocked* ..Did you take a shower?
*Rogue was kinda ticked at Kitty for backing out on her and Remy at last minute*
Toad: Yep, yo.
Nocturne: *was drinking all the punch*
Gambit;*entered the mansion to get Rogue he was dressed in a tux with a black duster over it*
*Toxin entered the gym, She felt like Cinderella entering the ball*
Jamie: Talia, wanna dance? :-D
Wanda: Wow. That has got to be the shocker of the century..you ready to leave?
Rogue: Wow cajun, y' do clean up-
Nocturne: *finishes another cup* :-D Sure.
Logan;8gave Gambot a death glare* Y a better not get any ideas Gumbo!
Gambit;*grinned at Ro* Y look nice,..*Looked at Logan* Wouldn dream of it mon ami.
Pietro: *leads Kim to a table that was decorated nicely, with floating candles in a fish bowl*
Kim: This is so awesome
Gambit: Ready chere?
Rogue: *smiled, grabbing her scarf that she had let Gambit see a few days ago.* Yep!
Pietro: yeah
Gambit;*grinned and took her hand in his and led her out to his harley*
Nocturne: *drags Jamie to the dance floor*
Logan; *watched them go *
*Toxin got a table by herself*
*Warren got him and Betsy a glass of punch. They were chaperoning*
Alex;*had gone to the prom by himslef he stood in the corner watching everyone*
Warren: here *gives it to her*
Blink: *sat by Pam* :-( mind if I sit here?
Toxin: Not at all
Kitty: *Got something to drink*
Toxin: No one asked you?
Rogue; ah don' think he lahkes y' much.
Blink: nu uh
Psy;*took the glass* Tahnk you
Pietro: I'm not much of a dancer, but would you like to dance?
Gambit;8climbed onto his harley8 Feelins mutual.
Colossus: *exits the mens room and joins Kitty*
Rogue: *got on behind him, feeling a little awkward about it*
Colossus: *Was shy* Tell me Miss Kitty, do you dance?
Kitty; *giggles* Like, of course.
Gambit: Hold on ma chere. *started the engine and heade offf they arrived in no time and he parked and climbed off and waited for Rogue*
Toxin: I asked Lance, but he backed out after I got hurt.
Rogue: *got off and headed inside with him*
Blink: I ask tal' ... but she came with Jamie :-(
Gambit: *held her hand in his*
Kim: A dance would be nice
Toxin: It's ok, my heart doesnt belong to Lance. It belongs to another.
Psy: *watched the teens*
Toxin: except, he asked another girl
Blink: :-(
Warren: *to Betsy*Did you have anything like a prom where you went to school?
Psy; Yes,..
Rogue; *smiled* WannaDance, cajun?
*Pietro takes Kim by the hand and leads her to the dance floor*
Gambit: Ah’d love t,..
Nocturne: *started dancing around*
Jamie: *Attempted to dance with her*
*Toad had a -chariot- waiting for Wanda outside*
Kim: *smiles and starts dancing*
Wanda: *grabs her scarf and goes outside*
Rogue: *smiled and lead him to the dance floor*
Colossus: :-) well, I would be honored to dance with you Miss Kitty
Toad: :-D *hops after her*
Gambit;*lets her lead him*
Kitty: *giggled again* Like, c'mon then :-D
Toxin: I had to eat alone, since I made reservations for the Hard Rock Cafe, ride in the Limo alone and all I'm going to do is sit here.
Colossus: *blushes as he takes her to the dance floor*
Nocturne: *stomped Jamie's feet* Jaaamie! You're throwing off my groove!
Psy: We had something similar,..I didn't go,..I was busy,..
Jamie: OW!!
Warren: aww. I went to my prom, it wasn't too big of a deal though.
Nocturne: I don't weigh that much, you know.
Psy: Hmm,..I suppose not,..
Wanda: Er..this is..uh..nice.
Rogue: :-\... *realized how hard it'd be for her to dance with anybody when she didnt have any sleeves*
Toad: anything for my crimson cutie :-D
Toxin: I love this song.
Gambit: *looked at Rogue and cocked his head* Y alright?
Wanda: ..right. *gets in*
Toxin: So true, funny how it seems, always in time, but never in line for dreams..
Rogue: yeah it's just a little... awkward :-\ the last tahme ah really danced with anyone besides Risty was... *trailed off*
Toad: *got in, and they headed for the prom*
Toxin: *Watches Pietro and Kim dance slowly*
Pietro: *glances at Pam sadly than looks at Kim*..hey, you want any punch or anything?
Scotts Misty: Kim: Um, sure..I am kinda thirsty.
Blink: :-\
Blink: he's totally throwing off her grove... *watching Noc and Jamie*
Nocturne: No offense..but Clarice dances better than this
Jamie: :-(
Toxin: yeah *not paying attention*
Pietro: ok, I'll be right back
Kim: Okay.
*Pietro goes to the refreshment table*
Pietro: um...Betsy? Can I ask for some advice?
Psy; Of course
Pietro: well
Pietro: I brought Kim here to the prom. I asked her before I realized how much I care about another girl. The other girl came alone and I feel like crap. What should i do?
Psy: I,..wow thats a tough one,..Warren?
Warren: huh?
Psy: Any ideas?
Warren: well..follow your heart.
Warren: you may end up breaking a heart, but if you feel that it's right then it probably is.
Psy: Good advice. I should keep you around more often.
Toxin: This prom bites. I think I'll leave early.
Rogue: *frowns8
blink: :-(
Gambit: Nonsense ma chere,..we be fine,.cmon now y said y wanted t dance so les dance.
Nocturne: *stomped Jamie's feet again*
Warren: Well, I've seen my fair share of Dr. Phil
Pietro: Thanks I guess. *takes some punch back to kim*
Kim: Thanks Pietro.
*a young handsome man, clad in a black tux entered the gym*
Lance: *had decided to show up*
Pietro: :-) no problem
Alex: *joined Tox and Blink* This so blows. I dunno why I let Scott talk me into it.
Toxin: Yeah. I hear ya.
Rogue: *smiled and started dancing with him*
Kim: *smiled and drank some of her punch*
Toxin: *stands up*
Toxin: you look good Alex
Alex: *blushed* Uh thanks,..so do you.
Toxin: *smiles* thanks
Lance: *stood in the corner*
Blink: *pouted*
Alex: No problemo babe. Dude what is up with these tunes,..we soo needsome Beach Boys man!
: blink: Beach boys? Who's that?
Toxin: um, Alex..would you care to dance?..
Jamie: :-(
Toxin: with Blink?
Blink: o.O
Nocturne: What..?
Alex: Uh,.I,..*blushed* Sure,..but don't you wanna dance too?I mean its a fast song we all three can like groove to it.
Toxin: um. no. I'm good.
Lance: *Spotted Pam but didn't want to go up to her. She probably hated him*
Blink: :-D
*The current song ended*
Alex; Oh,..ookay,..come on Clarissa,.. *grabs Blinks hand and leads her to the dance floor*
Gambit: See dis is nice non?
Pietro: I wonder if Toad and Wanda are here
Nocturne: *pouts* Alex is soo gonna throw off her groove.
Kim: I don't see them anywhere
*Toad and Wanda arrived*
Blink: :-D!!
Alex: *dances with Blink*
Rogue: ah guess, even if it's with the lahkes of yah :-P
Gambit; Ah see,..would ya rather me be some boy in nice shades?
Rogue: O.O-
*Lance went to the DJ and requested a fast song*
Kitty: *thought about how small she was compaired to piotr*
Gambit: Well I got dat covered *puts sunglasses on* Work for y?
Colossus: *smiles* you dance like an angel.
Wanda: *went to get punch*
Psy: Strange the nights just started yet no groping has been attempted.
Warren: *put his arm around Betsy*
Rogue; *laughed*
Toxin: *spotted Lance*
Gambit; *grinned and kissed Rogues hand*
Psy: o.o :-[
Rogue: *smiled and pulled the sunglasses off of him, sticking them in his pocket* but then ah cain't see yer eyes
Gambit: Oh,..y like mah eyes do y?
ROgue: um.. *shifty eyes* no- ?
Gambit; I tink yos are much prettier.
Rogue: :-[
Toxin: what's Lance doing?
*Lance requested Love Rollercoaster by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He knew it was one of Toxin's favorites*
Psy: *took another sip of her punch*
Toxin: *blushes*
Rogue: so whats this thang yah got against scott?
Warren: nice choice of music dont you think? *sarcastic*
Toxin: next thing you know he'll be doing a John Travolta.
Psy; Oh lovely,..*leans against Warren*
Warren: *Smiles*
*Lance goes up to Pam*
Gambit; Ah dunno,..gues ah jus don like him.
Lance: hey...come on..*pulls her to the dance floor*
Rogue: *sarcastic* ah love yer way with words
*Lance was dancing as well as Travolta in Grease*
Toxin: O.O
Toxin: wow
Rogue: whay don't y' lahke him though?
Pietro: *noticed Toxin noticing Lance and started getting a tad jealous*
Blink: *danced with Alex*
Pietro: *started dancing better*
Toxin: *looks at Pietro*
Kim: o.O..Uh..Pietro? You okay?
Lance: *ripped his jacket off..showing his white shirt that was kinda unbuttoned*
Toxin: O.o..the things guys will do to impress the ladies
Toxin: *starts busting up*
Gambit: Guess cause he acts like he bettah dan everyone else.
Warren: *puts his arms around Psy*
Rogue: well y' act lahke yer bettah lookin' then everyone else :-P
Toxin: well..I shall not let those years of dance lessons go to waste..*joins them*
Lance: :-) *winked at Kim*
Kim: *blushed*
Warren: *kissed Betsy for the first time*
Gambit: Ah,.. *blushes*
Rogue: *smirked*
*Lance grabbed Kim and spun her around*
Pam: O.O
Pietro: O.O
Kim: O.O
Kitty: what're they doing? o.O
Colossus: I don't know. But they look like they choreographed the song.
Pam: *grabbed Pietro and started dancing with him*
Lance: *dipped Kim*
Pam: O.O..Pietro.
Pietro: shhh..*smiles*
Pam: *smiles*
*the song ended*
Kim: O.O..Wow.
Warren: :-)
Lance: ;-)
Psy: Theres something you dont see every day
Kim: *smiled*
Lance: hey..want to go sit down?
Kim: Sure..
Lance: *smiles and takes her by the hands and leads her to a table*
Pam: I give them 15 minutes tops , until they start sucking face
Pietro: :-\
Scots Misty: Kim: *smiles and sits down*
*a slow song comes on*
Pam: well..why not?
Pietro: *starts dancing with her*
Lance: Doesn’t it bother you that they're dancing together? *to Kim, about Pietro and Pam*
Kim: *shrugs* It's okay, I guess.
Warren: *puts his arms around Betsy*
Lance: Ok, but you know what these slow songs lead to.
Kim: :-\
Psy; o.o *blushes*
Gambit: *pulled Rogue close and danced with her*
Lance: :-\ , sorry
Rogue: :-[
Alex: So uh,..havin fun Clarissa?
Blink: Huh? Oh.. yeah :-D
Kim: It's okay..
Toad: Cuddly bumps.. will you honor me with a dance, yo?
Lance: um, hey, come on..*stands up and holds his hand out*
Wanda: o.O..fine..
Jamie: Talia, do you hate me? :-(
Kim: *got up and took his hands*
Nocturne: No..why?
Jamie: you sound like you'd rather be here with a girl
Nocturne: o.O Nu uh
Lance: *led her to the dance floor* Pietro's a player. You deserve a guy who will worship the ground you walk on.
*Pam lay her head on Pietro's shoulder*
Warren: hey, Betsy, there's nothing in the rules that says the chaperones just have to stand here. how about a dance or two.
Kim: *grins* You know of any?
Pietro: *smiles, but it's a half smile, since he felt bad for Kim*
Lance: maybe *dances with her*
Kim: *smiles and dances with him*
CajunGumPietro: *Saw Kim and Lance dancing, which kinda made him feel better*
Pam: *had longed for this moment. the moment where she was in Pietro's arms. She never wanted out of them*
Lance: *put his arms around Kim*
Rogue: *leans her head against his chest as they danced*
Kim: *blushed and smiled*
Pam: *looked up in Pietro's eyes and planted one on his lips*
Pietro: O.O
Pietro: :-[
Psy: You know your right. *takes his hand and leads him to the dance floor*
Pam: :-D
Gambit:*smiled and held her*
Pietro: *pressed his lips to Toxin's*
Lance: *looked deeply into Kim's eyes*
Pam: what do you say we get out of here early.
Pietro: you read my mind.
Warren: *danced with Betsy, as he looked into her eyes*
Kim: Hey..Lance?
Lance: yeah?
Kim: *kissed him*
Lance: O.O *kissed her back, only it wasnt a normal kiss. He Frenched her*
Kim: O.O *wrapped her arms around his waist*
*Pietro and Toxin left the gym, taking a walk in the moonlight*
Rogue: *frowns, everyone was always touching*
Blink: *glancing at Talia*
Pam: I wonder who'll be king and queen
Pietro: that's right. we have to get back in there. what if it's us?
Pam: nah..I could care less if any of us win. I got what I wanted ;-)
Psy;*stared back into his eyes as they danced*
Lance: hey, none of the chaperones are watching..why dont I make this prom unforgetable ;-)..*takes out a small bottle of liquor from his pocket*
Kim: *grins* Sounds good to me..
Lance: *grins* I'll be right back
Kim: Okay.
*Lance walks over to the punch bowl quietly and opens the flask, pouring the contents in the punch bowl*
Lance: *snickered and joined Kim*
Kim: *giggles* This is gonna be good.
Lance: :-D
Warren: *kisses Betsy*
Rogue: :-\ Remy, can we leave? Please?
Gambit; Whas wrong chere,..?
Psy; o.o *kissed him back*
Rogue: Ah... jus' wanna leave
Warren: *Smiles*
*Pietro walked with Toxin*
Pietro: I'm sorry
Pietro: I should have seen what was right infront of my face the whole time
Colossus: are you having a nice time Kitty?
Pam: Hey, don't worry about it.
Kitty: *smiled and nodded*
Colossus: *smiles* would you like some punch?
Kitty: ok
Rogue: please?
Colossus: I will get it
Lance: Kim?
Kim: Yeah?
Gambit; Alright chere,.*takes Ros hand and leads her outside to his harley*
Lance: Isn't it, in a way, well..I dont really believe in fate and stuff..but do you get that feeling that..
Lance: like..I dont know how to say it..but..I wasnt going to come to the prom at all...all of a sudden, I felt the urge to come here..
Lance: and then..you have Pietro and Toxin...maybe..
Lance: this was supposed to happen.
Lance: like..things were suddenly bumped into place.
Rogue: *wiped at her eyes, any evidence of emotion, or in her case weakness, smearing on her black gloves*
Toad: :-D
Kim: Maybe it was..
Gambit;*cocked his head* Whas wrong Rogue,..I do sometin?
Pietro: hey, I know where we can go.
Pam: *was hoping it was a quiet place where they could be alone*
Pietro: how about ice cream.
Pam: *giggles*ok
Rogue: no.. s'nuffin...
Pam: oh...I have transportation...*leads Pietro to the side of the gym where the limo was parked*
Psy; You dance very good,.I mean well,.. I mean,..*blushes*
Warren: thanks..you're not bad either.
Pam: hey..we forgot to get our picture taken
Gambit: Den why da tears chere?
Pam: come on! *pulls him back inside*
*Colossus returns to Kitty with a glass of punch for her and one for himself*
Pietro: pictures? O.o
Pam: *pulls him to where the photo op was set up*
Psy; I am getting a tad thirsty though shall we go get somethingto drink?
Warren: yeah
Rogue: s' just.. everyones always touchin-
*the backdrop was pretty it was of a moonlit sky, over an enchanted forest. Pam and Pietro stood infront of it*
*the photographer took the picture*
Warren: *takes Betsy by the arm and leads her to the refreshments*
Colossus: *downed a glass of punch*
Kitty: Like, thanks :-) *takes it*
Colossus: it was my pleasure Miss Kitty
Pam: :-)
Pam: *huggles Pietro* ok, now we can go
Pietro: thank you *he said, relieved*
Colossus: the punch tasted a bit funny
Warren: *got Betsy and himself a glass of punch*
Lance: *smiled* so...where are you from again?
Kim: Oklahoma
Lance: ah..I see.
Kim: *smiled*
Warren: *took a sip*
*Pietro and Pam left the gym*
Psy;*drank hers as well*
Pam: well...our chariot awaits...*gets in the limo, followed by Pietro*
Warren: there's something odd about this
Psy: Tastes funny
Warren: yeah..it has a pungent flavor to it.
Rogue: ah jus'... wanna go home..
Colossus: Kitty, there is something in this punch. I think it's alcohol. You might want to stop drinking it.
Psy;*drinks it all anyway*
Kitty: *giggles* huh?
Lance: *had a grin on his face*
Kim: *trying not to crack up*
Warren: *throws his in the trash*
Psy: Must be spiked.
Warren: then we have to do something.
*some students were already drunk*
Lance: :-D
Lance: what do you say we get outta here.
*the lights came on. it was time for the coronation of the king and queen*
Kim: *giggles* Sounds good.
Rogue: *Frowns up at him*
Kitty: *slurs a bit*
Blink: *practically inhaling the punch*
Kurt: *stood on the stage. he was in ASB so he was announcing the king and queen and stuff*
Kurt: um..is this thing on? *into the mic* ok..
Kurt: um..*looks at all of the people* :-[
Kurt: ok...thank you for coming everyone.
Kurt: and thank you for voting for this years prom royalty
Kurt: we have the winners
Gambit; *brought his gloved hand to her cheek and whiped a tear away* S'alright chere,. Ahm here.*hugs her*
Kurt: ok...the 2nd Prom princess is....Kimberley Carson..
Kurt: the 1st Prom princess is... Katherine Pryde
Kurt: and..the moment you've been waiting for..this year's prom queen is..Wanda Maximoff
Toad: O.O
Rogue: *Brought her scarf to his mouth and 'kissed' him through it*
Kim: O.O
Wanda: O.O...me?!
Gambit;*kissed her back*
Kurt: congrats
*a girl places the tiara on her head and gives roses to the princesses*
Kurt: the 2nd prince is Pietro Maximoff..
*there is silence*
Kurt: is he here?
Warren: Betsy..you ok?
Kurt: oh well...the 1st prince is...Kurt Wagner..O.o..me?...okay..I dont know how I deserved that but ok..
Kurt: and the Prom King for this year is....Todd Tolansky
Toad: O.O
Wanda: O.O
Blink: WHAT?!
*the girl puts a crown on Todd*
Lance: where's the pigs blood??!
Toad: :-D!!!! *wrapped an arm around Wanda*
Kurt: and now, they will dance.
Nocturne: *was now getting into the punch*
Rogue: *wrapped her arms around his neck*
Wanda: *jerks away from Toad*
Kurt: and...it was requested that their love song be....Endless Love
Toad: :-(...
Kurt: so get out there and bust a move
Wanda: Okay, okay..come on
Kurt: *gets off the stage*
Toad: :-D
Colossus: congrats Kitty :-)
Psy; how cute,..
Kitty: *beaming*
Lance: you should have been the queen Kim
Gambit; *wraps his arms round Rogue*
Kim: Aww..that's sweet. *hugs Lance*
Wanda: *shakes her head and goes to the dance floor*
Kurt: ok..enough of the slow stuff..*requests I'm Blue Da Ba Dee and gets on the stage*
the slow song stops and I'm Blue starts*
*Kurt busts a move*
Nocturne: o.O..
Warren: *busts up*

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