ragincajun_qt (ragincajun_qt) wrote in xevo_rpg,

Leaving the Acolytes lair

Gambit stood up in his old room at the Acolyte base tossin the rest of his things into a box. His new place was waiting for him. He'd bought a small apartment not far from the old base. He sighed as he dropped the last of his things in.An old raggedy teddybear. He yawned and headed for the exit only to find Rogue and Pyro standing there. He tripped and dropped the box spilling the contents on the floor,.a hair brush ,the bear, fifty packs of playing cards, a photo of himself and his pere, a pair of sungalsses and a few pairs of gloves spilled out onto the ground He scrambled to collect his belongings before hte others saw them all.
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